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Please, read this text to know better our Online Privacy Policy.

CTEL EXPORT Online Privacy Policy provides information regarding accuracy, access, security and how CTEL EXPORT controls the client information collected from its Website.
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CTELís Online Privacy Policy
This Online Privacy Policy includes personal data which clearly identify visitors, collected each time is visited or each time our services on-line are used.
This policy is only applicable for companies which are under CTEL supervision and for people from CTEL.

Personal Data Collect and Treatment
On, we collect information each time a voluntary register is made. Collected Information is individually recognizable (personal data).

Each time is visited, we also collect data concerning information processing systems, used to open and explore our site.
Collected information processing data (which correspond to access point), received by browsers, contain IPís addresses (internet protocol). Cookies with information concerning the visited web page are created and installed in the information processing system (only if this option is activated).
Data collected from this source are not individually recognizable. Visitors keep their anonymity.

Personal data share and divulgation
CTEL-Companhia de Tecnologias de Empresa, Lda. considers that data have a confidential and individual caracter. So, we do not sell registered visitorsís personal data. Data are used for CTEL EXPORT activities and only to improve on-line services.


Our site can install and send cookies to registered visitor computer, only if this option is activated in the computer used to navigate in our site.

CTEL has the right to modify or rectify this policy at any moment.

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